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"This is what we are about: We plant seeds that will one day grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise" - Oscar Romero

LittleDrops Orphanage Fund is a nonprofit organization, exclusively for charitable purposes. We are certified in the United States under the 501(c)(3). Specifically, our mission is to provide orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and third world countries a complete and healthy wellness of being now, and a good chance at a successful future through financial, intellectual and other necessary contributions. Our contributions would help provide food, clothes, shelter, education and other necessities for a healthy childhood.

Africa has the greatest proportion of children who are orphans. In 2001, 34 million children in sub-Saharan Africa were orphans. In 2003, UNICEF recorded that over 7 million new children were classified as orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria alone. The living conditions for most children that have families are deplorable. Orphans and vulnerable children have it much worse. It’s amazing how far a little help will go. A lot of these children sometimes fall through the cracks. LittleDrops Orphanage Fund seeks out to help them, especially those who have no alternate source of support.

We will seek out, select and work with existing orphanage homes to accomplish our goals while relying on the experience of the homes as well as their existing relationships with the children. We hope to develop long-term relationships with these homes and also pay special attention and care to every single child under their care.

No home will be given preferential treatment unless on the basis of need. However, unethical conduct and/or abuse of funds or services may lead to a termination of our relationship with that home. We would maintain periodic and regular contact with each home and will require evidence of appropriate use of funds. Before we support a home, we would require some initial information. We would also have periodic site visits, announced and unannounced.

We hope to reach children in many developing countries. We initially plan to start humbly and then as we learn and understand the challenges of providing assistance we can reach more children. We have started in Nigeria and are planning to spread into other developing African nations.

All our activities will be conducted by professional volunteers, including the Board of Directors and Officers.

Our contributors will receive periodic newsletters that among other things will list in detail how their contributions were used.