What We Do

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"We can only do what we can: but that we must do against difficulties" - Isaiah Berlin

Though not an exhaustive list, here are some of the things we do:

  • Identify and select orphanage homes that share our mission
  • Research and gather information about the homes
  • Raise funds to support these homes
  • Distribute the funds to the homes to be used for the care of the children
  • Obtain reports, regarding the use of funds and the welfare of children, from the homes
  • Provide report to donors based on information from the homes
  • Provide intellectual asssistance to the homes as approriate
  • Keep track of the children and their progress
  • Provide mentoring and emotional support for the children
  • Act as big sisters and brothers
  • Create a channel to reach needy orphanages in developing countries
  • Help the homes provide an environment for a healthy childhood growth
  • Whatever else we can to help the children achieve their potential as they grow up