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For the first time, we are giving orphans an opportunity to express their dreams as well as give us a view of the world they live in. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with them, not just as a statistic, but on a very personal and individual level.

About 200 Orphans have submitted Essays and Artworks on their dreams, passions and role models and now invite YOU to journey into their world to READ , VOTE and HELP give breath to their dreams.

Your vote could help some orphans and/or their homes win prizes. We believe we can find 25,000 people that will care enough to listen to their stories. Please invite your friends to this event and help us give these children the biggest audience possible. The submissions will be open for voting until April 15th.

We thank you in advance for donating your time to this cause. And we also hope you will donate your money to help us continue to provide these orphans with food, clothes, shelter and other basic necessities they can’t take for granted. Our financial target for this effort is $25,000 and we will appreciate your contribution to this target.

Express Your Dreams is organized by LittleDrops Orphanage Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to provide orphans and vulnerable children a complete and healthy wellness of being now, and a good chance at a successful future through financial, intellectual and other necessary contributions.

LittleDrops currently supports about 2000 orphans in 6 countries with food, clothes, shelter, schooling and other necessities for a healthy childhood.

This website in its entirety was built on the time, ideas and generosity of volunteers. Another example of our fiscal responsibility to ensure that at least 90% of your donations make it the children who need it so much. It is also a testament to how important volunteers are to us. To all our volunteers and supporters, especially those that helped with this initiative, we say a huge Thank You!!!

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